The expertise behing Brickfields, condo project in Griffintown

My mandate for the Brickfields was to design a standout building in Griffintown. I challenged myself to create a project that is truly worthy of this neighbourhood that has played such a major role in Montreal’s development.

The Brickfields is designed for people who really love design and who understand that the creative process behind this project is completed dedicated to their well-being and comfort.

We have put in the time and effort needed to create a timeless building that enables you to cultivate the art of being at home.


Property developer

Maître Carré is a Quebec-based company that designs innovative projects that are an amalgamation of the environment’s heritage and contemporary architecture. The buildings are designed to improve the quality of life of its occupants thanks to a smart design all while contributing to the social and cultural development of the surrounding area. Also owner of Horse Palace, Hugo Girard-Beauchamp is chair of the Foundation, whose mandate is to ensure its revitalization.


In 2010, René Desjardins partnered up with Marc Bherer in order to ensure the organization’s future. At Desjardins Bherer, the creative process begins with a thorough understanding of the context where we are intervening, and an in-depth assessment of the client’s needs. We are always focused on listening to the concerns of stakeholders and we strive to find realistic solutions without sacrificing aesthetics.


Founded in 2002 by Yves Emond and Guy Morand, the agency’s goal is to make their clients’ dreams a reality, by expanding upon those goals and turning them into tangible achievements. In fact, from the moment the client steps foot into the agency, everything is put in place to assist them in their needs. We expand upon their vision and present the constraints that could occur, and we find the right solutions to turn their dream into concrete results.

Urban planning

BC2 is the result of the union between “Groupe-conseil BC2FP” and the firms known as “Planex Consultants” and “Parent Latreille”. Since 1977, our professionals have been widely recognized in the fields of urban planning, landscape architecture, strategy, urban design and heritage studies.  Our integrity and philosophy of integrated and sustainable development have enabled us to achieve a number of innovative and award-winning projects. At BC2, we know it is always possible to make things better and to carry out projects according to the standards of the highest quality. By using our expertise, you are giving yourself the opportunity to accomplish more work of a higher quality with ethics, passion and integrity.

General contractor

Groupe Mama is a construction company located in the Greater Montreal area. Our three fundamental values are integrity, loyalty, and dedication. Our mission is to be the smallest of the largest construction companies! By relying on integrity, dedication, and loyalty as fundamental values, Groupe Mama is a reliable partner to help you with your projects. Our philosophy is centred on added value, allowing us to maintain solid relationships with clients whose needs are always a top priority. The innovative ideas of our experienced staff allow Groupe Mama to carry out projects that are financially sound, efficient, and conform to regulations.


Engineers – Sylvain Parr & Associés

Engineers – Bruno Rajotte & Jean-François Cardinal


Notaire – Me Bruno Burrogano Firme Leroux, Côté, Burrogano


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