An elegant and intimate atmosphere

The common areas

The common areas at Brickfields were designed to contribute to the wellbeing of our residents. They are social spaces that instill a sense of calmness while providing a place for contemplation and serenity. Need to relax? Head to the ground floor where the English-style garden welcomes you to unwind with a good book or in the company of a few friends. Head to the roof to gaze up at the stars and soak in the incredible view. Once you’ve marvelled at the beauty of the scenery, head to the roof-top garden to see if your vegetables are ripe. A communal garden overlooking the city means you’ll be able to enjoy fresh produce all summer long.


An incredible view

The residential units

The residential units start on the sixth floor. They are spaces that provide a comfortable home amid a stunning backdrop. From beside your warm fireplace, take in the beautiful scenery outside your window from a great location that allows you to gaze at the magnificent urban skyline throughout the seasons.

Thoughtful and timeless architecture

At first glance, Brickfields immediately stands out thanks to its timeless elegant architecture, right down to the finest details. It was designed to mirror its neighbourhood and is a perfect combination of innovative creativity and charming tradition. A great example of this “past meets present” philosophy are its large modern windows and its centennial house, Keegan House. Past traditions and contemporary techniques come together to create a symbol of Griffintown’s dynamic character.

A century of history

Keegan House

Built in 1825, Keegan House is the oldest residence in Griffintown. Today, it enjoys a new life and has been repurposed into Brickfield’s majestic lobby. Keegan House is an important symbol of Montreal’s Irish heritage and a nod to the past that beautifully enriches the Brickfields project.


At Brickfields, we're redefining Griffintown's heritage

A focus on wellbeing


A historical area in a strategic part of the city, Griffintown has never stopped reinventing itself and today stands as one of Montreal’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. Nearby Atwater Market is a hub of activity featuring a farmers’ market, specialty shops, and fine restaurants. Griffintown is renowned for being home to myriad trendy boutiques where local and international talent rub elbows. Living in this up-and-coming neighbourhood is bathing in a lively urban experience. A vivacious neighbourhood life and pulsating community.


With their own entrance on Wellington Street, the offices and ground floor shops will be completely independent from the rest of the building. They will have their own elevator that will serve the four floors where the offices are located, ensuring peace of mind for residents and a business-friendly environment for entrepreneurs.

Office Space, 1195 Wellington

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